Hi!  My name is Gracie and I’m The Fruit Adventurer.  I love discovering new fruits, both local and exotic, and I’m here to share that love with the world.  

The Fruit Adventurer blog documents all of my adventures in fruit, including my travels to find exotic fruits, trips to grocery stores and markets in search of fruits, as well as tips on how to find, prepare and eat certain fruits.

If you want to read about the world of fruit, share stories of fruit adventures, learn how to eat that mystery fruit you’ve been eyeing, or be inspired to go on a fruit adventure of your own, you’ve come to the right place!

Have any suggestions for fruit you’d like to read about or a travel destination that’s ripe for fruit adventuring?  Feel free to drop me a line at thefruitadventurer@gmail.com.  

Happy Fruit Adventuring to you!


The Fruit Adventurer